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The TelcoBridges TMG800 Hybrid SBC Media Gateway is our low density carrier-grade VoIP gateway, the Tmedia TMG800, with an add-on software upgrade that provides full session border controller functionality.


The TMG800 Hybrid SBC Media Gateway is the most cost-effective combination VoIP gateway SBC solution for service providers currently available on the market. Once upgraded, the TMG performs SBC and media gateway functions simultaneously. For more details, please see the TMG800 Media Gateway web page and datasheet.


Product Characteristics:

  • Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA)
  • Maximum signaling/media gateway calls (TDM<->VoIP): 496
  • Maximum signaling/media SBC sessions (VoIP<->VoIP): 5000
  • Maximum transcoding sessions (shared between gateway and SBC): 686
  • Topology hiding
  • Line-rate DOS/DDOS protection (64 bytes packets) Rogue RTP detection
  • Dynamic blacklisting
  • Access control list
  • Session admission control
  • Session bandwidth control
  • Capability of making SBC protected calls from TDM to TDM, TDM to VoIP, VoIP to TDM and VoIP to VoIP.

PLUS all of the characteristics of the TMG800 Media Gateway

Detailed product information:


Detailed product informationTMG800 data sheet