Unified Communications

Unified Communications is an award-winning provider of carrier-grade telecommunications products and solutions for operators, service providers and enterprises internationally. It has a wide range of innovative solutions for content-driven mobile value-added services (VAS), mobile messaging and signalling and mobile network operation support systems that are deployed in over 17 countries at over 24 operator networks in South East Asia, Greater China, Middle East and South Asia.

Utilising TelcoBridges’ innovative Tdev telecom platform, Unified Communications enables a portfolio carrier-grade applications and solutions – such as Personalized Ringback Tones (PRBT) and Background Music (BGM), SS7 monitoring, Personalised Ringback Video (PRBV) and Missed Call Notifications (MCN)–  that help service providers to compete through revenue optimization and enhancement or quality of service improvement.

For more information about Unified Communications, please visit their website, www.unifiedcomms.com