Dialexia develops and markets a complete set of IP-Telephony software and applications. It also provides Advanced Telephony Solutions using the Internet Protocols to enterprises, service providers as well as telephony resellers:

  • Dial-Office: IP-based PBX  for 10-1000 extensions and a full-featured IP PBX
  • Dial-Gate:  Soft-Switch for Broadband Virtual Phone including billing and many IP-PBX features
  • HERO :SIP-based IP-Hosted PBX for ITSPs, Carriers, Cable distributors, and CLECs

Our mission is to provide innovative and advanced Voice and data over IP switches for carrier ITSP and for VoIP telephone systems for SMEs. We build and deliver powerful converged data and voice communications products and services.

For more information please visit: www.dialexia.com