How TB Academy Training Sets TelcoBridges Apart from other VoIP Gateway Providers: A recap of last week’s session in Montreal

How TB Academy Training Sets TelcoBridges Apart from other VoIP Gateway Providers: A recap of last week’s session in Montreal

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As the TB Academy training tour continues, TelcoBridges continues to please its customers by being one of the few VoIP gateway vendors to provide free product training.  In addition, anyone who has attended TB Academy training agrees that no other vendor provides such depth and breadth in their training. 

Last week we brought the tour home to our corporate headquarters in Montreal.  We attracted almost a dozen attendees comprised of network engineers, call-center technicians, systems integrators and service providers to our facility.  On day one, we provided an overview of the Tmedia family, followed by a high-level discussion of product capabilities, followed by a detailed discussion of configuration and installation issues that were specific to each attendee.  On day two, we explored TB Analytics, redundancy, flexible IP and provided attendees with hands-on practice.

There is a common occurrence at TB Academy training events:  Participants almost always discover—much to their surprise—that Tmedia offers a broader set of features than they initially realized.  In Montreal, one participant learned that he could use Tmedia to replace a legacy IP Transfer Point (ITP), which had reached its end-of-life and was no longer supported by the manufacturer. Prior to the training, this was considered to be a serious problem that needed a solution.  After talking to the TelcoBridges’ trainers, the attendee learned that he could remove the obsolete equipment from his network, without having to purchase any new equipment. 


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TelcoBridges’ Martin Provencher commented that these types of discoveries are commonplace at TB academy training sessions.   “Tmedia does a lot more than most people are aware of, and our training sessions always show people how use Tmedia in innovative ways, which help them to simplify their network and get more out of their investment.”  

On day two, we led attendees through an interactive tour of TB Analytics.  A number of features captured everyone’s attention.  

TB Sigtrace is a helpful feature for troubleshooting networks; it provides access to the raw packets that traverse a gateway.  By sending a live Wireshark capture from the gateway to an administrator’s laptop, we were able to illustrate how fast and easy it is to locate and identify network issues, greatly enhancing system maintenance efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, by using an industry accepted standard such as Wireshark, it enabled for a rapid understanding of the captured packets and a sharing of the data for collaboration.

We also demonstrated how to use the Call Trace feature, which is just one of the five features of the TB Analytics network monitoring and analysis tool set.  Call Trace provides high-level signaling traces for all the calls in a network without affecting traffic.   This feature lets you troubleshoot problems without having to reproduce a call using the same network set up, which is not only difficult but time consuming.  During the training session, we carried out a number of tests on the TelcoBridges network, and we even demonstrated Call Trace capabilities on the actual networks of our attendees.    

We also saw a lot of interest in talking about the High Availability & Redundancy capabilities of Tmedia, via the 1+1 and N+1 system configurations.  This type of architecture eliminates any single point of failure, and minimizes system downtime by the use of a fail-over:

  • In a 1+1 solution, each active unit is backed by a single standby unit.
  • In an N+1 solution, a group of active units can be backed by a single standby unit.

During the training, we showed attendees how both configurations create a redundant system that exceeds “five-nines” reliability, while scaling from 1 to 1024 T1/E1s, 1 to 48 DS3s, or 1 to 16 OC3/STM1s.


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“We’ve gotten the year off to a great start - with three TB Academy sessions at ITEXPO in Miami, MWC in Barcelona, and now at our headquarters in Montreal,” concludes Martin.  “We enjoy helping our customers become more self-sufficient with our gateways, and we take great pride in seeing them develop game plans for improving the performance of their networks.”


The next stop on the TB Academy training tour is in Singapore. We will be conducting two TB Academy trainings in Singapore:


  For more information and details, visit the events section of our website.   


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