Tmedia’s “Any-to-Any” Connectivity is put to the Test by France’s two Largest Carriers

Tmedia’s “Any-to-Any” Connectivity is put to the Test by France’s two Largest Carriers

TelcoBridges Tmedia gateways are SS7 Spirou compiant

In the last month, France’s two largest carriers - Orange (formerly France Télécom), and SFR approved TelcoBridges Tmedia gateways for connecting to their core network.

For both carriers, Spirou SS7 signaling is required when connecting new applications and services to existing TDM networks.  While many media gateway providers claim to support the Spirou protocol, France’s most important networks cannot rely on vendor claims alone; instead they require rigorous Spirou SS7 testing for proof of compliance.

Many media gateway suppliers have submitted their hardware for testing and have failed to pass Spirou testing.  Other suppliers went through the testing process multiple times, receiving appended notes or constraints attached to their results.  TelcoBridges is pleased to report that it passed the certification process with flying colors.

With total SS7 Spirou compliance, any service provider, solutions provider or systems integrator can now integrate Tmedia gateways directly into any network that connects to, or needs to connect to France’s largest carrier networks.

With this compliancy news, TelcoBridges also announced two new deals in France: 

TelcoBridges reseller partner IT-Logiq recently sold Tmedia gateways to solutions provider Ainsi Soit TEL, who used the gateway to connect their IP-based telecom services to Orange’s TDM network. 

"We’re extremely pleased with TelcoBridges; their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and their gateways are reliable and easy to work with," said Gilles Sauvaire, CEO of Ainsi soi TEL.

IT-Logiq also sold Tmedia gateways to Paris-based solutions provider Adenis Telecom, who leveraged the same Spirou SS7 capabilities to bring its IP-based telecom services to customers on SFR's TDM network.   SFR is the second largest carrier in France.   

Adenis' CEO, David Marciano stated: "Interoperability with SS7/Spirou is a pre-requisite for operators setting up VGA in France and it was imperative that the supplier we chose could pass all of the SS7/Spirou tests.  We made the right choice with TelcoBridges.  The test results, and the speed by which the tests were passed, speak for themselves."

“The engineers rigorously evaluated our gateways, and we passed their tests without caveats, constraints, or notes of any kind,” said Luc Morissette, Director of Technical Support for TelcoBridges.  Tmedia is fully Spirou-compliant and this creates new opportunities for TelcoBridges to work with other solutions providers in this part of the world that require Spirou connections to reach Tier-1 carrier networks.”

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Luc Morissette,

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