Highlights from the TB Academy Training Session at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Highlights from the TB Academy Training Session at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

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Last week we hosted the TB Academy training seminar in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress, at the Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza.  It was the second consecutive year that we’ve offered the TB Academy at MWC, and the event grew in proportion to this year’s Mobile World Congress, which by all accounts brought record attendance to Barcelona.  The energy and buzz throughout MWC this week set a new standard, and the energy and level of interaction at the TB academy was much the same.  

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TelcoBridges sent a large team to Barcelona to administer the training and to participate at MWC.  TB Academy trainers Martin Provencher, Lucas Trottier, Sylvain Fontaine, and Yves Renaud led the training and the networking sessions, which featured attendees from partners, companies, and the Canadian Government.

The course curriculum focused on Tmedia TMG800, TMG3200, and TMG7800 Gateways, as well as: TB Analytics (which features System Snapshot, Call Trace, Test Call, TB Sigtrace, and Targeted Recording features).  The event also covered Tsig, Ttrans, H.248 Channel Associated Signaling (CAS R1, CAS R2, H248 CAS); a Label Routing case, and TelcoBridges latest addition to SS7 - SPIROU, which have helped TelcoBridges reseller's secure important new business in France in recent months. Perhaps most importantly, this training session presented attendees with an advanced look at the soon-to-be-released ToolPack 2.8, which expands the capabilities of Tmedia gateways.   

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TelcoBridges Trainer Martin Provencher notes: “We had several highly-advanced and technical participants who asked detailed and knowledgeable questions. They were quite specific in discussing features, and inquiring about new functionalities.  We also had some participants completely new or relatively new to our products. This led to some great exchanges between the participants.”

We’re thankful to our Madrid-based partner Datatronics, who sent a large group of engineers to the training.  Datatronics recently deployed Tmedia gateways with one of Europe’s leading solutions providers, Centile, who works with more than 40 Service Providers throughout Spain and Portugal.    

“TelcoBridges business is growing throughout France, Spain and Portugal, and you could feel a sense of excitement during our cocktail reception,” concludes Martin Provencher.  “Hosting the TB Academy the first day of Mobile World Congress set the tone for a fantastic week.  All of our participants swapped stories with one another, discussed competitors, and talked about potential business opportunities with one another.  Our return to Barcelona was a complete success, and we look forward to continued success hosting TB Academy in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress."

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For more information on the TB Academy tour dates in Montreal and Singapore, please visit our events page at: https://www.telcobridges.com/newsroom/events

Meet our TB Academy Trainers:


Martin Provencher TB Academy Trainer 

Martin Provencher,

TB Academy Trainer

Software Developer


Lucas Trottier TB Academy Trainer 

Lucas Trottier,

TB Academy Trainer

Support Engineer


Yves Renaud TB Academy Trainer 

Yves Renaud,

TB Academy Trainer

Sales Advisor



Sylvain Fontaine TB Academy Trainer 

Sylvain Fontaine,

TB Academy Trainer

Sales Advisor