What’s driving the growth of TelcoBridges in Europe?

What’s driving the growth of TelcoBridges in Europe? 

Superior technology, relationships, and an ability to execute on new business opportunities have created a repeating pattern of success in Europe.

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If you’ve been reading our press releases lately, you have seen that we recently won new business deals in Spain, Portugal and France.  There is a common thread between each business deal:  Our reseller partners have helped solutions providers extend IP-based telecom services across TDM networks using Tmedia gateways.  Solutions providers and the Tier-1 carriers they work with agree, Tmedia is a flexible gateway capable of meeting their specific signaling and call handling requirements. In addition, they feel that Tmedia is far better than the other media gateways they have evaluated and Tmedia also delivering a greater level of reliability.           

Within the last few weeks, we’ve outlined how:

Datatronics worked with Centile to extend the IP-based telecom services of the ISTRA platform to TDM networks across Spain and Portugal.  A few weeks ago in Madrid, Datatronics hosted an event highlighting the Tmedia & Centile ISTRA solution, and almost a dozen companies attended.
IT-Logiq connected Tmedia to Paris-based solutions provider Adenis’ for SS7/SIP interconnection to Tier1 carrier SFR.,
And recently we announced how Ainsi Soit TEL deployed Tmedia gateways to connect their IP-based telecom services to Orange’s TDM network.


"We’ve chosen Tmedia to fulfill Centile's needs because Tmedia excels at delivering signaling connections to and from any TDM or VoIP network, and the ability to handle a high call rate is critical to support Centile’s customers, who are some of the largest carriers in Europe."  Said Juan Carlos Calderón from Datatronics.  


"We are very pleased with TelcoBridges; their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and their gateways are reliable and easy to work with," Said Gilles Sauvaire, CEO of Ainsi soi TEL.


"Tmedia addresses the needs of system integrators, solutions providers, and carriers in Europe.  As a result – we’re seeing steady business growth in this part of the world." said Yves Renaud, sales advisor for the EMEA region. "To sustain this growth—and continue to support our existing customers in the region—TelcoBridges will be hosting a TB Academy technical training session in Barcelona on February 24, in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress."

 Find out more about the TB Academy Barcelona event here.

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Customers in Europe agree that Tmedia is the right choice.  Which Tmedia is right for you?