Highlights from the ITEXPO TB Academy Training Session in Miami

Highlights from the ITEXPO TB Academy Training Session in Miami

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As another successful ITEXPO event wraps up this week, we wanted to share a few highlights from the TB Academy training session that took place on Monday at the Botanical Garden on Convention Center Drive in Miami Beach.  Nearly a dozen attendees from Canada, India and throughout the U.S. traveled to Miami to participate in the full-day training session discussing Tmedia gateways, TB Analytics, ToolPack & TB-Control 2.7 software, and more.   

The next stop for the TB Academy is February 24th in Barcelona, in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress. Our TB Academy Barcelona event page has more information regarding this upcoming session. 

TelcoBridges trainers Martin Provencher, and Candy Chan, led the interactive sessions with the help from the regional leads Francois Tessier and Marc St-Onge in a venue that drew high praise from attendees.  “We always strive to host the TB Academy in an up-scale venue that’s productive, yet relaxing for the participants and the Botanical Garden in South Beach did not disappoint us,” states Martin Provencher.  “We had extensive networking and business development discussions take place during lunch and at our cocktail reception.  Part of the value for attending the TB Academy is the proximity to popular industry conferences like ITEXPO."

Of all the products discussed in the training:  (more details on the agenda can be found here) the items that prompted the best discussions were TB Analytics' Call Trace and Test Call features:


Call Trace enables users to view the signaling messages used when the gateway handles incoming and outgoing calls.  By tracing the call flow for incoming and outgoing calls through the system, we’re providing visibility on the incoming and outgoing call attributes, the exchanges messages during the call, the routing decisions, SIP SDP, trunk and timeslot for TDM protocols, and the termination result codes.  Call Trace can also search and store call history. This call history can be filtered according to several parameters including: called number, calling number, Network Access Point (NAP), time of day, and several others parameters. This makes it easy to locate, report, and address network issues, ensuring your customers always have the highest quality service.

Test Call is used to simulate incoming and outgoing calls using the TelcoBridges Web Portal interface, without having to coordinate test calls via multiple parties, including actual customers that are experiencing a network issue.   By generating calls to any number and a selected network, Test Call enables a single technician to identify or replicate specific problems on specific numbers, and fix the problems without involving other technicians, or the customer.  


“Test Call and Call Trace are substantial productivity tools that our customers really like,” adds TelcoBridges’ Candy Chan.   “These capabilities are unique to TelcoBridges, and the reactions that we get from attendees when they see this for the first time is pretty special.”           

Mark St-Onge commented:  “The TB Academy sessions help our customers in a variety of ways:  New users get 8 plus hours of face-to-face support to discuss their actual implementation, to make sure they’ve configured their gateways in an optimal fashion, while more experienced users learn how to exploit new features and become more self-sufficient.  Regardless of each person’s level of expertise—

at the beginning of the day—everyone leaves the TB Academy with new ideas for leveraging their gateways in a more strategic fashion.”     


TB Academy in Spain

The next stop for the TB Academy is February 24th in Barcelona, in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress. Come to our Barcelona TB Academy training event page to register.


TB Academy in America

Additionally, TB Academy will be returning to the America on March 11th & 12th for a more in-depth 2-day training program at TelcoBridges' HQ in Montreal Canada.


Meet TelcoBridges:


Martin  TB Academy trainer photo 

Martin Provencher,

TB Academy Trainer

Software Developer


Candy TB Academy Trainer Photo 

Candy Chan,

TB Academy Trainer

Field Application Engineer


Francois TelcoBridges Americas Sales Rep Photo 

Francois Tessier,

Sales Advisor



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Mark St Onge,

Director - Sales Support