IPTSPs replace open source solutions with TelcoBridges

Bangladesh IPTSPs are replacing their open source solutions with carrier-grade Tmedia gateways


Internet Protocol Telephony Service Providers (IPTSP) initially emerged when Internet Service Providers (ISP) began offering telephone services. Today, there are more than 20 IPTSPs offering IP telephony services in Bangladesh.  Their primary target is the enterprise market–businesses that are seeking a more modern and cost-effective solution than what E1 land lines have to offer today.

Many ISPs started out their IP telephony offering using open source solutions as a way to save costs. These ISPs soon realized that these open source technologies are not carrier-grade, and do not offer the reliability, stability, and scalability required for a growing IPTSP. Furthermore, these open source technologies do not offer high-availability (HA), or hardware redundancy. In addition, their architecture is difficult to scale - adding more capacity requires more servers and this becomes a maintenance problem as the system scales.

All of these issues can be addressed by using a TelcoBridges Tmedia gateway. The TelcoBridges carrier-grade Tmedia gateway boasts over five nines availability, is fully redundant, and it can scale from as low as a few E1/T1s to as many as 64 E1/T1s, or an STM-1 interface in a single unit.

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The following diagrams illustrate a typical open source IP telephony deployment that TelcoBridges can replace:

Open source Asterisk IPTSP


This architecture can be replaced by a single Tmedia TMG3200 product with optional 1+1 redundancy.

Carrier Grade Gateway Solution for IPTSP


The previous diagram illustrates how simple and efficient an IPTSP’s network can be by replacing an open source solution with a purpose-built carrier-grade Tmedia product. 


For more details about these network improvements, feel free to contact TelcoBridges to learn more about other IPTSPs that have already made such replacements.