TB Academy fosters unprecedented cooperation

TB Academy fosters unprecedented cooperation

TelcoBridges TB Academy training in Bangladesh fosters unprecedented cooperation among the expanding user community.

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Last month TelcoBridges instructors Lucas Trottier and Martin Provencher introduced 24 participants from nine different companies to the TB Academy training program in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Previous TB Academy training sessions in Montreal, Singapore, Barcelona, and Las Vegas attracted a wide audience of technical, management, and business development managers and executives.  Our most recent event in Dhaka featured a higher concentration of technical contacts–CTO’s; NOC Engineers; and core operations staff–and this resulted in one of our liveliest and most interactive events ever.

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Md. Abul Bashar Azad, Deputy Manager at BDCOM Online Limited, stated: “[It was an] excellent and highly productive session”.

In one of our previous blog posts, titled: "TelcoBridges plays a key role in the Telecommunications Infrastructure in Bangladesh", we discussed how the telecommunications industry is growing rapidly in Bangladesh - largely the result of the new licenses granted to new private telecom operators in 2012.  These new licenses have cultivated a business environment with dozens of new players.

“The developing telecommunication industry in Bangladesh has created a tremendous spirit of cooperation, even among competitors,” adds Martin Provencher. “The TelcoBridges user community in Bangladesh is strong, and in a constant state of growth.” 

This event featured more networking and business development activities than ever before.  Almost everyone found value in speaking and exchanging contact information with the other participants. This says quite a bit about the business opportunities in Bangladesh, and we are happy to play a role in the evolution of this marketplace.

Towsif Ahmed from Tele Exchange: “It was quite a spectacular training session […] we had the opportunity to share our thoughts with other operators about using TelcoBridges equipment”.

The TB Academy instructors, Lucas and Martin, were impressed with the level of cooperation that took place between participants.

 “That’s what happens when you get so many smart, technical people from different companies in one room – they discuss problems, analyze configuration topologies, share technical advice, and truly help one another,” states Lucas Trottier.

As we have noted from previous training sessions, the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with TelcoBridges trainers, and share experiences with industry peers makes our customers more self-sufficient.  By coming to a TB Academy information session, attendees learn more about Tmedia gateways, how to solve problems more efficiently, and ultimately they learn how to get more out of their Tmedia gateways, and maximise their ROI.


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About the Telecom industry in Bangladesh

The active Bangladeshi telecom industry is characterised by four main types of organisations:

  1. IGW: International Gateway operators
  2. ICX: Interconnection Exchange operators
  3. ANS: Access Network Services providers
  4. IPTSP: Internet Protocol Telephony Service Providers


These four groups interact in the following way: The Interconnection Exchange operators (ICX) use Tmedia products to connect Access Network Services providers (ANS), namely, fixed line carriers, mobile carriers and Internet IP Telephony Service Providers (IPTSP) over TDM links, and act as a tandem switch allowing the interchange of traffic between these carriers and also with IGW operators. Similarly, the International Gateway operators (IGW) use Tmedia products to connect with ICXs via TDM links and carry their international long distance traffic to and from Bangladesh using VoIP.


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Get to know the people at TelcoBridges better...

Martin Provencher, TB Academy TrainerMartin is a TB Academy trainer, and software developer.




Lucas Trottier, TB Academy TrainerLucas Trottier is an expert in VoIP Gateways, and a seasoned TB Academy trainer.