Telecom Experts Can Learn a Lot about TMedia at the TB Academy

Even the Most-Savvy Telecom Experts Can Learn a Lot about Tmedia at the TB Academy


A Recap of the Montreal Training Sessions


If you’re following our blog posts, you know the TB Academy is expanding rapidly.  This week we’re in Bangladesh.  Earlier this year, we’ve hosted TB Academy sessions in Barcelona (at MWC), Singapore (at CommunicAsia), Las Vegas (at ITEXPO).  And earlier this month, we ran a two day training session at our global headquarters in Montreal.

Regardless of the attendee’s level of expertise, they’ll leave the TB Academy with a game plan for simplifying their network, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing the uptime of their network.   “Tmedia does a lot more than most people are aware of, and spending a full day, or a couple days with us will teach you how to use Tmedia in innovative new ways that help you get more out of your investment,” said TB Academy trainer Martin Provencher.”

  • During the Montreal training session, attendees were impressed with the flexibility of the gateways.  Specifically, with how powerful and flexible the routing solution is.   
  • When we presented our suite of network diagnostics and troubleshooting tools called TB Analytics, attendees were particularly interested by our Call Trace tool. This tool provides high-level signaling traces for all the calls in your network without affecting your traffic.  The tool conveniently groups the traces by calls making it easy to understand. Call Trace helps you troubleshoot network problems without having to try to reproduce a call under the same network circumstances.
  • Another TB Analytics tool that created interest was the Test Calling tool. Traditionally, making test calls requires two people, usually one of them being a customer. With TB Analytics' Test Calling tool, test calls can be made right from the web portal without having to involve anyone else, including a customer.

When we finished, our customers left the event feeling more self-sufficient.  They know more about what Tmedia can do, and after spending time with our trainers in a face-to-face setting - and getting the chance to discuss and ask questions about their specific network implementations - they’re able to develop a game plan for improving the performance and efficiency of their network.

One of our attendees commented:  “I can’t understand why other media gateway providers don’t offer all these functionalities.” The fact is that not all gateways and gateway vendors are created equal. At TelcoBridges, VoIP Gateways are our specialty; no other vendor better understands VoIP Gateways and how they are used and deployed than TelcoBridges.

 "The bottom line is that everyone at TelcoBridges is dedicated to building the world's best VoIP Gateways," said TelcoBridges' Gaetan Campeau.

TB Academy 2014 sessions are already scheduled for January, February and June for the first half of the new year.  More details are available on the TB Academy and events sections of our website.


Meet the People at TelcoBridges…


Photo of Gaetan Campeau, President & CEO of TelcoBridgesGaetan Campeau is TelcoBridges' President and CEO.




Photo of Martin Provencher, TB Academy TrainerSoftware Developer and a TB Academy Trainer, Martin Provencher will help bring out the most of your Gateways and Network.