TelcoBridges plays a key role in the Telecommunications Infrastructure in Bangladesh

TelcoBridges plays a key role in the Telecommunications Infrastructure in Bangladesh


The telecommunications industry is changing in Bangladesh - and TelcoBridges is playing a key role in strengthening the telecom backbone in this region.   

In 2012, private telecom operators in Bangladesh were granted new licenses to provide national and international telephony services.  Seemingly overnight, this privatization expanded the volume of fixed and mobile telecom services, while also creating competition amongst new and eager service providers, which helped to improve the quality of service.  

TelcoBridges was one of the first companies to serve this emerging market, by partnering with local International Gateway (IGW) providers and Interconnection Exchange (ICX) operators.  ICX providers like Cloud Tel Limited are using Tmedia Gateways to connect local Bangladeshi carriers with one another to carry voice traffic via TDM.  They’re also using Tmedia to connect local carriers with International Gateway (IGW) carriers, such as Vision Tel, to facilitate long distance calling via VoIP.

Within the last year, TelcoBridges’ presence in the region has expanded, and the TB Academy is being brought to Bangladesh as a result.  This week’s seminar is being tailored for the needs of Bangladeshi customers.  Designed for developers, network operators, technicians, sales engineers and technical writers, the program focuses heavily on the TMG 7800, which is used as an International VoIP Gateway for International (IGW) services.   

“We’ve helped a number of ICXs and IGW’s setup in Bangladesh by providing the required functionality and training needed to efficiently handle all of their VoIP and TDM traffic in a fast and reliable manner,” states TelcoBridges’ Bronze Chan.    

Part I – Basic Training for ICX, started monday, and runs throughout the day today.  While Part II – Basic Training for IGW is scheduled to run wednesday, Oct 23rd.  TelcoBridges Instructors Lucas Trottier and Martin Provencher are leading the sessions at the Sarina Hotel (Banquet Hall UTSHAV, Plot #17, Road #17, in Banani C/A, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.   


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Bronze Chan is part of TelcoBridges dedicated team of trusted advisors. Based in Hong Kong, he looks after the Asian market, and will be happy to help you out with your gateway projects. You can reach Bronze at



Martin Provencher, TB Academy TrainerMartin is a TB Academy trainer, and software developer.




Lucas Trottier, TB Academy TrainerLucas Trottier is an expert in VoIP Gateways, and a seasoned TB Academy trainer.