The Ttrans TMGIP7800, TelcoBridges largest Transcoder, supports up to 67,840 VoIP channels

The Ttrans TMGIP7800, TelcoBridges largest Transcoder, supports up to 67,840 VoIP channels;


and thanks to its hardware acceleration, all of its 67,840 VoIP channels can operate without any quality of service degradation.


TMGIP7800 system


Voice transcoding refers to the conversion of call’s media from one voice encoding algorithm (also known as a codec or a vocoder) to another. This is performed in order to bridge differences between telecommunications systems supporting the calling and the called parties. For example, when the two end point devices involved in a call don’t share a common vocoder among their vocoder sets, a transcoder can be used to ensure the call can go through seamlessly.

Previously, TelcoBridges' Ttrans family of products offered transcoders in the 800, and 3200 series: TMGIP800, TMGIP3200. These products provided reliable transcoding solutions for small and medium deployments. The TMGIP800 can support up to 425 VoIP channels, and the TMGIP3200 can go as high as 4,240 VoIP channels.

Enter TMGIP7800.

TelcoBridges has recently released an addition to the Ttrans family of transcoders, the TMGIP7800. This brings TelcoBridges’ transcoding capabilities to a staggering 67,840 VoIP channels without any reduction in quality of service.

While most transcoding solutions will have their performances deteriorate as the unit approaches maximum capacity, TelcoBridges' family of Ttrans transcoders feature hardware acceleration to keep performance steady all the way up to its maximum capacity. This is no different for the new TMGIP7800 and its 67,840 VoIP channels.

"Thanks to our dedication to reliability & stability, larger carriers are turning to TelcoBridges gateways for their networks. The TMGIP7800 provides these larger tier 1 carriers with the transcoding power they require, and our reliable design means we can provide over five nines (99.999%) availability before even factoring in redundancy" says Carl Boulanger, TelcoBridges' CTO, "we make the most risk free gateways, and that means a lot for larger tier1 carriers."

Ttrans TMGIP7800 system consists of 1 or 2 TMGIP7800-CTRL controllers (depending on the need for redundancy) controlling up to sixteen TMGIP7800 transcoder units. A TMG7800-TMS switch can also be added to maximize VoIP channel usage. A TMGIP7800 system can be as small as 4U and as large as 39U.




See our TMGIP7800 product page and TMGIP7800 datasheet for more information about our Ttrans family of transcoders, and our new TMGIP7800 series.

 TelcoBridges Ttrans family of transcoders support a large number of vocoders, including common codecs such as G.711 and G.723.1, and other less used codecs such as G722.2, and iLBC.




G.722.2 (AMR-WB)







Clear mode (RFC 4040)









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