Positioning Tsig in the Context of the Tmedia Family

Positioning Tsig™ in the Context of the Tmedia Family

A discussion with TelcoBridges’ Director of Marketing & Communications, Mathieu McCuaig

TSG3200 Tsig Signaling SIGTRAN Gateway


If you take a look at our new website, you’ll see the solutions section features a number of new product families:  Today, we’d like to talk about the new Tsig gateway, and provide some context by contrasting Tsig with our Tmedia products. 

Tmedia is our flagship VoIP media gateway family, renowned for its stability and reliability.  Each Tmedia Gateway routes media, and signaling, while bridging TDM and IP all in one box.  But throughout the industry, there’s a sizeable market segment that only needs the signaling capabilities of the Tmedia– as a drop in for existing NGN networks, or for use in new NGN network deployments for example.  Tsig is designed to focus Tmedia's capabilities to address our customers' signaling needs. Tsig is a dedicated Signaling / SIGTRAN gateway.    

There are several types of customers that are interested in Tsig. Large carriers will value the rock solid stability & reliability of the Tsig signaling / SIGTRAN gateway, and service providers will appreciate the ease of configuration, flexibility, and scalability of Tsig.

Tsig can be used as a signaling gateway, and also as a signaling converter to adapt between different networks. It can also be deployed as an STP, and is upgradable to a full Tmedia gateway – where it can address the roles of an SSP along with its existing duties as an STP; saving you a considerable amount of time & money in equipment, maintenance, and training.

For agile MNO/MVNO/MVNEs looking to offer intelligent networking capabilities, such as SMS services, Tsig had everything you need; plus it can scale as your business grows, and can even be upgraded to carry media as you expand.

We offer Tsig in the 800 and 3200 series, to accommodate different sized networks.  Each unit can scale from 1x SS7 link to 64x SS7 signaling links, and units can be remotely upgraded to full capacity without manual intervention.  Tsig works in both TDM and IP environments, and features an onboard SS7 stack, making it a standalone solutionTsig supports SS7 [ISUP, SCCP], SIGTRAN [M2UA, M2PA, M3UA,IUA], ISDN PRI, CAS R2, and T1 CAS.

We think Tsig is a great complement to the Tmedia family, and we’re looking forward to providing our customers with new and better option for addressing their specific signaling needs.  For more information on Tsig, please visit the Signaling Solutions section of TelcoBridges.com.


Make sure you check out our Press Release about Tsig.


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