A First-Person Account of Yesterday’s TB Academy Training Session in Las Vegas

A First-Person Account of Yesterday’s TB Academy Training Session in Las Vegas

By TelcoBridges’ Publicist Todd Keefe


I had the opportunity to attend yesterday’s TB Academy, that’s held in conjunction with ITEXPO in Las Vegas.  Kudos to TelcoBridges for hosting it at the Bali Hai Golf Course - which is only a well-struck 3-wood away from Mandalay Bay and ITEXPO. 

I spent the day with customers including IT contractors for the Government, and C-level management and network engineers from a prominent telecom company.  After speaking with the participants at the various lunch and beverage breaks, I came away with a simple impression:  if you’re a Tmedia customer - then the free TB Academy is not to be missed.   

It might sound oversimplified, but it’s worth stating: Buying (and deploying) a media gateway isn’t a spontaneous decision:  There’s different ways to do it, and no two networks are the same.  Although attendees commented on the intuitiveness of the TelcoBridges web portal for basic set up and configuration, they also commented on how each of their configuration decisions produce ripple effects that are unique to their own networks.  The opportunity to discuss their specific configurations in a face-to-face setting seemed invaluable.   

The support questions that I observed yesterday did not carry one word (or one sentence) answers, but rather, they led to conversations that opened up entirely different questions.  TelcoBridges’ staff, including Marc St-Onge, Candy Chan, Nicole Tan, and Francois Tessier provided high-touch support that was so much more efficient that what any individual (or any company) could offer via phone or WebEx.  The participating customers wholeheartedly agreed.  A face-to-face opportunity in this this type of setting provided the opportunity to discuss every aspect of their networks, and their own TelcoBridges implementations. 

In addition to the configuration specifics, a larger theme evolved.  Although the participants were well versed on Tmedia, they did not realize the full spectrum of Tmedia’s capabilities.  During the breaks, I asked Nicole and Candy (who also teach these sessions in Singapore) if TB Academy attendees in other parts of the world were similar, and the answer was yes.  This is not a knock on the knowledge base of the attendees (these folks are absolute experts), but rather, it’s a comment on the depth and breadth of Tmedia.  Not all media gateways are created equal, and Tmedia does a lot more than most people are aware of. 

It was interesting to hear conversations describing how customers had just learned how to get more out of their existing investments. These discoveries were once again tied to the uniqueness of each customer’s network (with various SBCs, soft switches, signaling gateways and other media gateways with far fewer capabilities than Tmedia).  It appears as though today’s event was as much of an eye-opener for the attendees as it was for me.     

TelcoBridges’ Marc St-Onge put it best.  “These events also make our customers more self-sufficient.  Once we spend a full day with a customer, we make them more aware of the possibilities, and that opens up a lot of doors for using the technology in new, and more innovative ways.” 

Whether it’s a strategic goal (using the technology in more innovative ways), or a tactical need (to ensure that your gateways are optimally configured) TB Academy is a “must-attend” for TelcoBridges partners and customers.  To learn more about the next stop, contact TelcoBridges’ Mathieu McCuaig at mmccuaig@telcobridges.com.


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Marc St-Onge is one of TelcoBridges senior Trusted Advisors. He is an expert in VoIP Gateways and can help you find the exact solution you need for your network. 




Marc's right-hand man, Francois Tessier is the master of helping you explore your needs to uncover additional ways to provide you with value beyond the supply of equipment.




Nicole Tan is a seasoned trainer; she has helped countless customers bring out the maximum from their investments.




Working from our Hong Kong office, Candy Chan is a training specialist that can help you become self-sufficient in provisioning, maintaining, and operating your TelcoBridges Gateways.