What to look for in a VoIP gateway

VoIP gateways are a fundamental component of VoIP service strategies as they handle many of the traffic management and call handling aspects of the network. Telecoms can benefit substantially from the selection of a gateway that meets their specific operational needs. Conversely, a poor gateway choice can lead to performance problems, a detrimental cost-to-benefit ratio and a variety of challenges. When selecting a VoIP gateway, it is important to understand what you need and what providers can offer. There are a few issues, in particular, that service providers should keep in mind.


A telecom or VoIP service provider's reliability needs vary depending on the types of customers being served and the details of the service level agreement. Maintaining uptime is critical for VoIP vendors and having a gateway in place that offers high levels of uptime can be essential. After all each second of downtime equates to lost revenue. In most instances, the best solution is a system that offers either 1+1 or n+1 functionality. This means that there is a primary system running with a secondary gateway on hot standby in the background. If the main gateway fails, the system automatically rolls over to the backup platform without dropping calls or adversely impacting performance.


Energy efficiency is a vital consideration when selecting a VoIP gateway. Some gateways use plenty of energy to function properly and generate significant amounts of heat, leading to high power draw to keep things cool. An efficient VoIP gateway enables telecom service providers to use less energy when supporting VoIP and, as a result, reduces operating costs.

Cost effectiveness

When it comes to cost, telecoms must evaluate their expected demand and purchase VoIP gateways that can support that call volume effectively. Over-buying can limit the return on investment and leave service providers dealing with fiscal challenges. Furthermore, overspending for secondary features that do not fit what a company needs from a service perspective can lead to similar revenue issues. Choosing a solution that offers the right price and capabilities for a vendor's needs is vital to creating a sustainable fiscal climate.

Choosing the right VoIP solution for an organization's need is a vital step toward fiscal and operational success. TelcoBridges makes it a point to fully understand each client's needs and their unique deployment environment in order to provide a tailored solution that maximises Cost Effectiveness, while providing the industry's highest standards of Reliability, and Efficiency.