Why Tmedia Gateways work well in a Metaswitch Environment

Some of TelcoBridges' customers are deploying the TelcoBridges TMG800 at the edge of their networks, and controlling the gateway remotely using a Metaswitch softswitch.

We asked TelcoBridges' Director of Sales Support Marc St-Onge why Tmedia works so well in the Metaswitch environment

"It basically comes down to four things - Interoperability, configuration, scalability and cost-effectiveness," says St-Onge.         


The Tmedia family supports the media gateway control protocol H.248/MEGACO, which allows a softswitch to remotely control a gateway. "The interoperability of Tmedia and Metaswitch using H.248/MEGACO has been field proven by customers.  Several of our recent deployments allow the expansion of a CLEC's network into new areas, with a couple of T1s, and a TMG800 that can be controlled remotely by a Metaswitch softswitch.  The combination works well and we've gotten a lot of great feedback," adds St-Onge.

Straightforward Configuration:

H.248/MEGACO is an international standard that's been tested with several leading softswitches.  One of the strengths of Tmedia gateways is that they're easy to configure in any environment, with any softswitch.

"When utilizing H.248/MEGACO, the gateway essentially becomes a slave to the softswitch," adds St-Onge.  "We've put a lot of emphasis into ensuring that Tmedia works seamlessly with Metsawitch, and once communication is established between the gateway and the softswitch, they work as one." 


The Tmedia 800 was designed to put all of the reliability and performance that TelcoBridges is known for into a smaller and more affordable offering.  The TMG800 supports up to 8 T1s.  It features a level of granularity that enables service providers to scale-as-they-grow. 

"It's really a perfect solution for CLECs looking to grow their business into rural or sparsely populated areas," says St-Onge.  "Customers can start with a couple of T1s, and they can call us to add additional T1 ports remotely through a software upgrade.  The capacity is there, and it's easy to access when they need it." 

Cost Effectiveness:

That ability to start low and buy more ports as you need them makes the TMG800 more cost effective than other media gateways.  Additional cost savings are realized when it comes to port licensing, annual maintenance fees and support.  "Many of our customers tell us how much they appreciate our support model.  We don't impose an annual fee for support, but rather we provide 24/7 access to support and customers only pay for what they need, and what they actually use," adds St-Onge.    

The TelcoBridges brand is based on reliability.  Once the Tmedia gateways are up and running, most customers don't need to touch them again.

"Within the last few months we've had multiple deployments with a similar profile – using the TMG800 at the edge of the network, and controlling it with a core softswitch (like a Metaswitch) via H.248/MEGACO.  The combination works brilliantly, because it provides the performance that's needed, at a price point that's attractive, and it offers the headroom to scale up as the customer's business grows," concludes St-Onge. 

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