A Look at what's on Tap for the June 17th Training Seminar at CommunicAsia

Today, we had a chance to talk with TelcoBridges' Nicole Tan, to discuss the upcoming agenda for the next training seminar taking place the day before CommunicAsia, on June 17th at the Grand Mercure Roxy in Singapore.

Nicole's been providing technical support to TelcoBridges' customers on a daily basis since 2007.  Before joining TelcoBridges, she worked with one of our partners in China – so she knows the ins-and-outs of the Tmedia product line, and she's quite skilled at presenting material from the perspective of a TelcoBridges partner.  For the June 17th seminar, Nicole will be joined by TelcoBridges' Candy Chan, who also co-presented the material at the May 7th-8th seminar in Singapore that drew record attendance. 

"We've put together an agenda that's designed for partners with a working knowledge of TelcoBridges' products," says Nicole.  "This enables us to cover a lot of material and bring everyone up-to-speed on all of the latest enhancements for the product line in just a single day."

The opening session will cover all of the basics, including pre sales requirements, diagnostic tools, optimization strategies, provisioning and administrating Tmedia gateways.  It will also introduce new features, including the soon-to-be-announced ToolPack 2.7, which will be prominently covered in all of the day's sessions.

The Tmedia 1+1 session will take attendees through the step-by-step process for using the new ToolPack 2.7 and the Passive Patch Panel to add redundancy by configuring Tmedia gateways in tandem.  "This feature enables us to surpass the five-nines reliability that TelcoBridges is already known for," adds Nicole.  This session will also cover everything needed to configure new Tmedia units.    

The ToolPack 2.7 preview will give an advanced look at new features, including: lawful intercept capabilities; new tools for test call generation; targeted voice call recording and live signaling capture; a new fax/modem relay and conferencing API; and a variety of new network interoperability features.

"After we present ToolPack, we'll drill down on many of the specific features, starting with the Advanced Network Analytics module," states Nicole.  This session covers items such as: call test processes to simulate incoming and outgoing call routes; call trace procedures for setting up time stamps and IVR actions; live signaling capture; live message filtering; and processes for SS7, IDSN, SIP, SIGTRAN, Radius, SNMP and H.248 capture.

"A session dedicated to Lawful Intercept will show service providers how to work with lawful agencies to implement procedures for identifying call intercept targets, intercepting calls (or parts of calls) and providing requested data to appropriate agencies," adds Nicole.    

The day will conclude with the roadmap for the entire Tmedia family.

"Our goals are to help our partners sharpen their skills and assimilate the knowledge necessary to become self-sufficient in configuring, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining our media gateways," concludes Nicole Tan.  "For our partners in the region, and those traveling to Singapore to attend CommunicAsia, this really is a must-attend event.  We're looking forward to a great day of training and to spending additional time with our customers and partners throughout the week at the show." 
Immediately following the seminar, TelcoBridges will host a Networking Cocktail Reception for participants and for aspiring partners who would like to learn more about how and why to work with TelcoBridges.  To register for this event, click here.