VoIP service a top priority for subscribers as landlines fade out?

VoIP service is gaining traction among mainstream consumers, and that momentum is only expected to increase.

Is an all-VoIP future on the horizon?

Former Virginia Congressman Rick Boucher recently asserted that a transition away from landlines may gain additional support. In an announcement, Boucher discussed an advisory committee's recommendation to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that the public switched telephone network (PSTN) be phased out completely in light of the gradual transition to VoIP.

"There has been a constant move away from landline telephone service during the last decade," said Dave Weis, owner of Internet Solver, a telephone, internet and managed IT provider. "Still, a lot of people for a variety of reasons want to keep a landline."

This is part of the growing movement to discontinue traditional phone service in favor of internet telephony, which offers equitable service at more affordable prices. Subscribers who tend to place numerous long distance calls find VoIP especially beneficial. However, some consumers might find that VoIP technology is easier to maintain than former communication services, according to Telappliant. 

As awareness of these advantages grew, so did the number of adopters. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that more than one-third of American households have turned to wireless-only phone service as of December. 

Service providers should expect adoption to continue

Carriers, operators and service providers should anticipate a surge in adoption, whether or not the FCC backs the suggestion to migrate away from landlines. 

To prepare for slow and steady deployment or a massive implementation as the result of a new regulation, VoIP providers may need to update their architecture. Fully scalable devices can prepare operators for either situation. This can help companies succeed in what has become a competitive field. 

Today's VoIP market requires providers to be agile - offering service at the right price without compromising on quality. If operators aim to meet both of these demands, they will need innovative equipment.

TelcoBridges' Tmedia VoIP Gateways are both scalable and agile. They are capable of being upgraded remotely via software, and can also provide and handle a wide variety of services, features and protocols.

As service providers consider the upcoming changes to the VoIP market, they need to invest in smart solutions that will prepare them to success in the future.