Carl Boulanger

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) 

Carl Boulanger is the Chief Technology Officer at TelcoBridges.  With a primary responsibility in guiding the TelcoBridges product-line architecture, Carl’s organization is focused on delivering technologies for today’s and tomorrow’s telecommunication networks.

Carl joined TelcoBridges in 2003 as part of the software division that is responsible for the design and development of signaling protocols on state-of-the-art hardware platforms.  He participated in the creation of the TelcoBridges TMedia product line, and he was involved at every level of software architecture, design, development and certification.  Through the years, Carl continued to be closely involved in product architecture, as he took on the position of Software Department director, and finally as CTO overseeing the next generation of TelcoBridges architectures. 

Prior to TelcoBridges, Carl already had a strong telecommunication-industry background working for companies such as NMS Communications, Innomedialogic, and Advanced Computer Communications.   He graduated from the University of Sherbrooke, home of the ACELP voice codec, with a degree in computer engineering.